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    • Bryn Mawr College Chinese scroll painting
    • Removing flyspecks from a Chinese scroll painting (Bryn Mawr College)

    • Reducing fixative on a painting from Lawrence's Hiroshima series (PAFA 12.121)
    • Using solvent to reduce fixative on a painting from Jacob Lawrence's Hiroshima series (Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts)

    • Surface cleaning an O'Sullivan photograph from the US Army Corps of Engineers
    • Surface cleaning a Timothy O'Sullivan photograph (US Army Corps of Engineers)

    • Consolidating the surface of a globe belonging to Albert Einstein (Institute for Advanced Study)
    • Consolidating the surface of a globe belonging to Albert Einstein (Institute for Advanced Study)

    • Disaster recovery exercise at a Save Pennsylvania's Past workshop
    • A disaster recovery exercise at a CCAHA training program 

    • Filling a loss in the Pennsylvania Constitution of 1776
    • Filling a loss in the Pennsylvania Constitution of 1776 (Pennsylvania State Archives)

    • ID of Prints workshop 2013
    • Learning to identify prints at a CCAHA training program

    • Applying a mend to American Ornithology 2
    • Applying a mend to the edge of a page of Alexander Wilson's American Ornithology (State Library of Pennsylvania) 

    • Testing solubility on a Lutheran Archives Center journal
    • Testing solubility on a journal page (Lutheran Archives Center)

Preserving the world's cultural heritage

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Everyone has a story. CCAHA helps you share yours. 

The Conservation Center for Art & Historic Artifacts is a nonprofit facility specializing in paper conservation.
With conservators trained in paper, photograph, and book conservation, we treat every kind of paper, from family photographs to the nation’s founding documents. Our mission is to provide expertise and leadership in the preservation of the world’s cultural heritage, and our clients range from large institutions to private individuals.
But our work doesn’t stop at conservation treatments. Our Preservation Services team helps institutions assess and safeguard their collections. Our education department presents workshops and organizes conferences. Our state-of-the-art digital imaging lab creates facsimiles and digital images that provide access to fragile objects. Our housing and framing technicians create custom frames with the latest storage technology.
We combine technical expertise with a commitment to preserving heritage. What can we do for you?

We treat:

  • prints
  • art on paper
  • photographs
  • books
  • scrapbooks
  • paper archives
  • posters
  • blueprints
  • maps
  • globes
  • wallpaper
  • parchment
  • papyrus 
  • baseball cards
  • postcards