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Preserving a family collection

    • Photo for Lee's blog

When Lee Price, CCAHA's Director of Development, was in Florida this summer to clean up his father’s house, he and his sister found a full set of their parents' love letters dating from 1949 to 1951, exchanged when their father was just out of the Navy and working in the Hamptons and their mother was attending fashion school in New York City.  Lee also had a full complement of period photographs and his parents' own artwork.  He decided he had to do something with all this great material.

On September 25, Lee and his sister launched a blog that will tell the story of their parents' romance, taking place against a background of late 1940s Manhattan and the Hamptons.  "June and Art" will be a limited-duration blog, running 11 months and concluding on September 4, 2011.

Lee also launched a companion blog called “Preserving a Family Collection.”  Over the next 11 months, it will tell the story of CCAHA's ongoing efforts to preserve the photographs, artwork, and memorabilia featured in the “June and Art” archive.