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April 2011

Friday April 29 2011

Conserving beautiful hand-colored lithographs from the Album Vilmorin

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    • Surface cleaning NAL Album Vilmorin
    • National Agricultural Library Album Vilmorin prints BT
    • NAL Album Vilmorin applying dilute bleach gel
    • NAL Album Vilmorin AT close-up
    • NAL Album Vilmorin applying gel

Vilmorin-Andrieux & Cie, the 19th-century seed company, was known not only for its quality product and research but for its impressive publications. Eleven plates from its celebrated Album Vilmorin, owned by the National Agricultural Library, recently received treatment.

Tuesday April 12 2011

CCAHA's treatment of legendary tattoo artist Sailor Jerry's work featured in Philadelphia Daily News

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    • Testing inks on a Sailor Jerry flash art sheet
    • Sailor Jerry flash art sheet after treatment

A team of 10 conservators just finished treatment on the flash art, drawings, and stencils of Norman "Sailor Jerry" Collins, arguably the greatest tattoo artist of the 20th century. Read the article here.