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    • Art-i-facts Fall 2012 for News

This fall, Art-i-facts looks at ephemera, those fragile, inexpensively manufactured paper objects—such as greeting cards, pamphlets, brochures, tickets, postcards, advertisements, comics, and catalogs—produced for a specific use or event and intended to be thrown away. Making the Moment Last explores four projects recently completed at CCAHA that reveal how ephemera that have escaped the garbage can help us understand and preserve our past. Challenges & Strategies in Preserving Ephemera offers some basic guidelines for caring for ephemera collections.  Plus, Paper Conservator Corine Norman McHugh talks about what makes treatment of ephemera so much fun in Questions for Corine, and High Watermarks lists some favorite books and websites related to ephemera. 

Finally, At the Forefront of Saving America's Treasures looks at the Save America's Treasures grant program, which for 12 years provided funding to rescue the most endangered of our country's nationally significant structures and collections.

View or download the entire issue here.