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CCAHA's 40th: Marilyn Kemp Weidner's Studio

    • 65.2.26 She Restores Wrinkled Utrillos blog image

2017 marks 40 years of CCAHA. Every Friday, we'll share the articles, photos, and recollections that tell the story of how CCAHA became a world-renowned leader in conservation science. 

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Published Friday, February 26, 1965, this article—“She Restores Wrinkled Utrillos”—predates CCAHA by some 12 years. It features a tour of a space like the one CCAHA initially occupied; when Marilyn Kemp Weidner founded CCAHA in 1977, she and her small staff operated out of her studio.   

Before founding CCAHA, Weidner was an accomplished paper conservator with a private practice for many years. Weidner began her focus on paper conservation because she saw a need: in the 1960s and 1970s, the field of conservation was focused almost exclusively on paintings and objects conservation. Weidner knew the vulnerability of paper objects and dedicated her career to expanding the practice of paper conservation.

One of her most significant contributions to the field was the development of the suction table, a device found in many conservation laboratories today. The table, which secures objects in place, revolutionized treatment capabilities, allowing conservators to treat objects that were once too delicate for certain treatments.

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