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September 2017

Friday September 15 2017

CCAHA's 40th: A Love Tale Old and Delicate

    • lovers knot fraktur

In 2006, CCAHA treated a unique fraktur: an intricate lover’s knot weaving together poetry and a marriage proposal. 

Friday September 8 2017

CCAHA's Latest Enews

Our latest enewsletter features:

  • Disaster Resources
  • Treatment FOCUS: A Unique Facsimile
  • CCAHA in the News
  • Updates from the Regional Heritage Stewardship Program
  • Ongoing coverage of CCAHA's 40th anniversary
  • Upcoming CCAHA workshops

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Thursday September 7 2017

Treatment FOCUS: A Unique Facsimile

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    • 17.7.8 FOCUS 2
    • 17.7.8 FOCUS 1

Ultraviolet (UV) light is harmful. It’s bad for our eyes, bad for our skin, and, unsurprisingly, bad for paper objects. But in certain controlled circumstances, UV light can be used for good, as a recent CCAHA project shows.