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February 2018

Tuesday February 27 2018

Treatment FOCUS: Suffolk County Historical Society's "Pickle Book"

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At CCAHA, we often find that the stories behind the objects we treat are as interesting as the objects themselves. Such was the case with a recent treatment from the Suffolk County Historical Society of Long Island, New York.

Monday February 5 2018

CCAHA's Latest Enews

Our latest enewsletter features:

  • $1 Million Grant from Mellon Foundation
  • CCAHA at Small Museum Conference
  • CCAHA in the News
  • Executive Director Laura Hortz Stanton Deployed to Puerto Rico
  • Updates from the Regional Heritage Stewardship Program
  • Alliance for Response Philadelphia Belfor and Wharton Esherick Museum Tour
  • Upcoming Programming
  • Upcoming Grant Opportunities

Read it here.

Friday February 2 2018

CCAHA Receives $1 Million from Andrew W. Mellon Foundation

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation has awarded CCAHA a grant of $1 million. The grant is part of the Foundation’s Comprehensive Financial Health Conservation Cohort Initiative aimed at strengthening the national infrastructure for cultural heritage conservation and preservation.

Friday February 2 2018

CCAHA Executive Director Laura Hortz Stanton Deployed to Puerto Rico

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CCAHA Executive Director Laura Hortz Stanton spent the first week of January in Puerto Rico, meeting with the staff of collecting institutions to help assess their recovery needs after Hurricanes Irma and Maria.