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Thursday August 27 2015

Treatment FOCUS: Feliks Topolski's Wartime Sketches

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    • July/August 2015 FOCUS 2
    • July/August 2015 FOCUS 1
    • July/August 2015 FOCUS 3

Feliks Topolski is remembered as a talented draughtsman, muralist, and chronicler. From 1940-1945, he served as Official War Artist for Great Britain. Some sketches from that time recently came to CCAHA for treatment.

Tuesday June 30 2015

Treatment FOCUS: Mounting Ilya Kabakov's The Short Man

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    • May June FOCUS Photo 1
    • May June FOCUS Photo 2

Ilya Kabakov's The Short Man is a set of eight folding screens of varying sizes that presented a unique challenge to the Conservation Assistant assigned to build them an exhibition mount. 

Thursday April 30 2015

Treatment FOCUS: Dali's Playing Cards

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    • FOCUS March April 2015 1
    • FOCUS March April 2015 4
    • FOCUS March April 2015 3
    • FOCUS March April 2015 2

We recently had a very fun project come through the Center: several lithographs of playing cards designed by Surrealist artist Salvador Dalí. 

Tuesday February 17 2015

Treatment FOCUS: Sharing a rare edition of Emma

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    • Tamara's Hand and Emma for January-February 2015 FOCUS
    • Widescreen Tamara with Emma and Camera for January-February FOCUS 2015

CCAHA is working to digitize a rare, early edition of Jane Austen's Emma to ensure that it can be shared with anyone with an internet connection.

Monday November 17 2014

Treatment FOCUS: Creating a new way to display leaves

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    • FOCUS 2014 Nov Dec 1
    • FOCUS Nov Dec 2014 2
    • FOCUS 2014 Nov Dec 3

William Heinrich Prestele was appointed the first ever staff artist of the Pomological Division of the Department of Agriculture in 1887. The grape leaves he drew posed a unique challenge when they came to the Center for treatment.

Friday August 8 2014

Stabilizing mug shots from Eastern State Penitentiary

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    • Mug Shot Book from Eastern State Penitentiary (13.340)
    • Close-up of Mug Shot Book from Eastern State Penitentiary (13.340)
    • Pop-up exhibit at Eastern State
    • Eastern State Penitentiary exterior

The second artifact on Eastern State Penitentiary's endangered artifacts list—a book containing about one thousand inmate mug shots from 1904 to 1906—recently came to CCAHA for treatment.

Tuesday April 29 2014

Treatment FOCUS: The artists' books of Henri Matisse

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    • Applying fixative to Pasiphae, Chant de Minos (Bank of America Collection, 13.422)
    • Pasiphae, Chant de Minos (Bank of America Collection, 13.422.8)
    • Watercolor fixative testing for Pasiphae, Chant de Minos
    • Washing Pasiphae, Chant de Minos (Bank of America Collection, 13.422)

It wasn’t until he was in his 60s that Henri Matisse—known for his bright paintings—began creating illustrations for artists’ books. An edition of his Pasiphaé, Chant de Minos recently came to CCAHA from the Bank of America Collection.

Tuesday February 18 2014

Treatment FOCUS: Preserving paper lanterns, a Victorian-era tradition

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    • 28 West Morris Avenue Mount Tabor
    • 13.253 Preparing to apply mend
    • 13.253
    • 13.253 Inpainting mend

Among the first to purchase property when Mount Tabor, NJ, opened as a Methodist summer camp meeting ground in 1869 was Benjamin Foster Britten. Now, his great-granddaughter is preserving artifacts evocative of the months she spent there in later years.

Wednesday November 20 2013

Photos and stereoview cards from West of the One Hundredth Meridian

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    • Rachel Wetzel surface cleaning an O'Sullivan photograph from the US Army Corps of Engineers
    • Marianne de Bovis inpainting an O'Sullivan photograph from the US Army Corps of Engineers
    • Jilliann Wilcox reinforcing a corner of an O'Sullivan photo from the US Army Corps of Engineers
    • US Army Corps of Engineers O'Sullivan photograph
    • US Army Corps of Engineers O'Sullivan stereoview card

Timothy O'Sullivan's images of scenic views and ancient ruins were among the first taken of the Southwest. Some of his photographs and stereographs from the 1871-1874 "United States Geographical Surveys West of the One Hundredth Meridian" recently arrived at CCAHA.

Tuesday October 22 2013

Treating much-used volumes of Alexander Wilson's American Ornithology

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    • Surface cleaning American Ornithology 2
    • Plates from American Ornithology
    • Surface cleaning American Ornithology
    • Applying mend to American Ornithology

The State Library of Pennsylvania recently brought their nine American Ornithology volumes to CCAHA for treatment. Those who had handled the much-used books in the past couple centuries left behind stains and grime.