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Tuesday April 17 2012

Treatment Focus: Conservation of a print yields one very unexpected finding

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    • Philadelphia, from the Great Tree BT (11.344.1)
    • Philadelphia, from the Great Tree AT (11.344.1)
    • S. Benedicti DT (11.344.2)
    • S. Benedicti BT and AT (11.344.2)

With science backing them up, conservators rarely encounter an unknown variable during treatment—but one CCAHA conservator recently uncovered a surprise when she removed the lining paper from a print brought in by a private client.

Tuesday January 24 2012

Treatment Focus: A work reminiscent of Candy Buttons, with a slight twist

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    • Surface cleaning "Candy Bottoms" by Linda Brenner
    • "Candy Bottoms" by Linda Brenner (close-up)
    • Lining "Candy Bottoms" by Linda Brenner
    • Lining "Candy Bottoms" by Linda Brenner (2)

Less commonplace today, the colorful sugar dots known as Candy Buttons were once a childhood staple.  "Candy Bottoms," a work reminiscent of the candy (but with a slight twist), recently arrived at CCAHA for conservation treatment.

Wednesday December 21 2011

Surveying books from the personal library of the "Poet of the People"

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    • Carl Sandburg's study at the Carl Sandburg Home NHS
    • Mellon Fellow Renee Wolcott surveying books at the Carl Sandburg Home NHS
    • Landscape and goat at the Carl Sandburg Home NHS

Known for his ability to capture in writing the struggles of ordinary Americans, Carl Sandburg produced a wide range of critically-acclaimed works in his lifetime. CCAHA recently surveyed 2,500 volumes from Carl’s personal library at the Carl Sandburg Home NHS.

Monday October 17 2011

Treatment Focus: Honoring a great-grandmother through preservation of her portrait

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    • Conservator Jessica Keister inpainting a crayon enlargement (11.104)
    • Crayon enlargement 11.104 BT-AT

The owner of this crayon enlargement portrait had always admired it while it hung in her aunt’s home in North Carolina. Repaired and stabilized at CCAHA, the portrait of her great-grandmother is now ready for display in her own home.

Friday August 26 2011

Treatment Focus: Delaware Public Archives to restore conserved historic documents to their former home

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    • Ingrid with State Archivist Stephen Marz from DE Public Archives
    • Conservation Assistant Heather Godlewski treating DE Public Archives documents
    • Deed signed by William Penn, DE Public Archives
    • Penn's royal seal, DE Public Archives

Buena Vista, in New Castle, DE, was home to several prominent Delawareans, including Clayton Douglass Buck, governor and a United States senator. After receiving conservation treatment, historic documents that he displayed there will once again hang in the house.

Friday July 29 2011

Treatment Focus: Preserving fraktur, a Pennsylvania German tradition

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    • Senior Conservator Soyeon Choi consolidates media on a fraktur from the Berman Museum
    • Birth and baptismal certificate from the Berman Museum (11.173.22)
    • Birth and baptismal certificate from the Berman Museum (11.173.2)
    • Berman Museum fraktur featuring Adam and Eve (11.173.8)
    • NEA Fellow Marion Verborg removing backing board from a fraktur from the Berman Museum

Pennsylvania German communities in the 1700s and 1800s documented religious beliefs and important events through decorated manuscripts called fraktur. The Berman Museum of Art has selected 32 fraktur to receive treatment at CCAHA through a Save America's Treasures grant.

Thursday June 30 2011

Meet the State Hermitage Museum's (and Russia's) first photograph conservators

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    • Evgeniia Glinka and Natalia Laytar treat photos from study collection
    • Tatiana Sayatina treating a photo
    • Natalia Avetyan surface cleaning
    • Learning to use the stereomicroscope
    • Natalia Laytar uses the stereomicroscope
    • Rachel Wetzel leads an inpainting lesson
    • Inpainting lesson
    • Hermitage conservators listen as Anna Yates Krain explains a housing technique

Natalia Avetyan, Tatiana Sayatina, Natalia Laytar, and Evgeniia Glinka visited CCAHA to learn photograph conservation basics as they establish a laboratory at Russia's State Hermitage Museum. All have experience in transitioning between diverse areas of conservation.

Monday June 13 2011

Treatment Focus: Conserving 200 years of early American history

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    • Lining documents with toned mulberry tissue and wheat starch paste
    • Jilliann Wilcox surface cleaning a manuscript from the New York State Library (for News)
    • Surface cleaning a manuscript from the New York State Library
    • Washing papers from the New York State Library's Van Rensselaer collection
    • Van Rensselaer Manor manuscripts before treatment

The New York State Library’s collection of letters, contracts, maps, and other papers from the Manor of Rensselaerswijck documents 200 years of business transactions, daily routines, and traditions in one of America's earliest European settlements.

Friday April 29 2011

Conserving beautiful hand-colored lithographs from the Album Vilmorin

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    • Surface cleaning NAL Album Vilmorin
    • National Agricultural Library Album Vilmorin prints BT
    • NAL Album Vilmorin applying dilute bleach gel
    • NAL Album Vilmorin AT close-up
    • NAL Album Vilmorin applying gel

Vilmorin-Andrieux & Cie, the 19th-century seed company, was known not only for its quality product and research but for its impressive publications. Eleven plates from its celebrated Album Vilmorin, owned by the National Agricultural Library, recently received treatment.

Wednesday March 30 2011

A treasured copy of Reading the Emancipation Proclamation, preserved

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    • Close-up of Reading the Emancipation Proclamation
    • Reading the Emancipation Proclamation before treatment
    • Reading the Emancipation Proclamation after treatment
    • NEA Fellow Marion Verborg inpainting losses on Reading the Emancipation Proclamation with pastels

The 1864 engraving Reading the Emancipation Proclamation was one of few images commemorating the freedom order to focus on the reactions of freed slaves.  CCAHA Fellow Marion Verborg just completed treatment on one family’s cherished copy.