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Wednesday March 30 2011

A treasured copy of Reading the Emancipation Proclamation, preserved

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    • Close-up of Reading the Emancipation Proclamation
    • Reading the Emancipation Proclamation before treatment
    • Reading the Emancipation Proclamation after treatment
    • NEA Fellow Marion Verborg inpainting losses on Reading the Emancipation Proclamation with pastels

The 1864 engraving Reading the Emancipation Proclamation was one of few images commemorating the freedom order to focus on the reactions of freed slaves.  CCAHA Fellow Marion Verborg just completed treatment on one family’s cherished copy.

Tuesday March 1 2011

Preparing botanical texts for display at Pennsylvania Hospital's upcoming "Flower to Pharmacy" exhibition

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    • Removing spine adhesive from William P.C. Barton's A Flora of North America (Pennsylvania Hospital)
    • Trimming mends in John Gerarde's The Harball or Generall Historie of Planes (Pennsylvania Hospital)
    • Close-up of trimming mends in John Gerarde's The Herball or Generall Historie of Plantes (Pennsylvania Hospital)
    • Facsimiles of pages from New Illustration of the Sexual System of Carolus von Linnaeus (Pennsylvania Hospital)
    • Facsimiles from Jardin de la Malmaison and Natural History of Carolina... (Pennsylvania Hospital)
    • Facsimiles mounted to mat board await trimming (Pennsylvania Hospital)

CCAHA staff are treating and digitizing nine unique botanical volumes from Pennsylvania Hospital.  The books will be featured in the exhibition "Flower to Pharmacy", which begins March 7 at the Hospital's Historic Library in Philadelphia, PA.

Monday January 31 2011

Treatment Focus: Trout fishing in the Poconos with a 1938 map

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    • Mellon Fellow Jessica Keister removes varnish from Swiftwater Preserve map
    • Swiftwater Preserve map blotter washing in sink
    • Swiftwater Preserve fly-fishing club map BT/AT
    • Close-up of Swiftwater Preserve map

For the past 115 years, the Swiftwater Preserve fly-fishing club has been fishing the same stretch of stream in the Pocono Mountains of Pennsylvania.  A hand-drawn map of the area just received treatment at CCAHA.

Tuesday January 4 2011

Treatment Focus: Preserving the world's first geographical atlas

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    • Title page, Theater of the World, Abraham Ortelius
    • Map of the World, Theater of the World, Abraham Ortelius
    • Map of the Americas, Theater of the World, Abraham Ortelius
    • Map of Italy, Theater of the World, Abraham Ortelius
    • Theater of the World, Abraham Ortelius
    • Theater of the World cover, after treatment

CCAHA's book section recently treated Abraham Ortelius's Theatrum Orbis Terrarum, considered the first geographical atlas and the most comprehensive summary of 16th-century cartography. The volume is from Boston Public Library's Norman B. Leventhal Map Center.

Thursday December 2 2010

Treatment Focus: Preserving the legacy of Paul Robeson

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    • Robeson USO tour photograph
    • Robeson Othello poster
    • Conservation Technician Amber Hares mending a pamphlet
    • Conservation Technician Amber Hares surface cleaning a pamphlet cover with grated eraser
    • Robeson materials soaking in a bath

CCAHA staff are currently treating a collection of the performer and activist's letters, books, Broadway posters, and concert programs from the Charles L. Blockson Afro-American Collection of Temple University Libraries.

Friday October 29 2010

Treatment Focus: Conserving the Meade Album, a Civil War vet's life-long project

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    • Jess inpainting Meade Album
    • First page of Civil War Museum's Meade Album
    • Close-up of Jess inpainting Meade Album
    • George Meade, Jr. Photo from Meade Album

The Civil War Museum of Philadelphia's Meade Album holds almost 1,400 carte-de-visite portraits of all the officers who served in the Union Army of the Potomac.

Wednesday September 29 2010

Treatment Focus: The adventure of treating an original Sherlock Holmes manuscript

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    • Sherlock Holmes manuscript
    • Sherlock Holmes manuscript first page
    • Arthur Conan Doyle's signature
    • Sherlock Holmes manuscript cover

CCAHA's book section has been working on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's original manuscript for The Adventure of the Empty House, a Sherlock Holmes story, which recently arrived from the Rosenbach Museum & Library.

Tuesday August 31 2010

Treatment Focus: Conserving a well-traveled poster

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    • Corine surface cleans Prunier
    • Preparing Prunier for a bath
    • Placing Prunier in the bath
    • Washing Prunier
    • Corine and Jess remove tape from Prunier
    • Corine removes tape from Prunier
    • Removing tape from Prunier
    • Close up of tape removal on Prunier
    • Preparing lining for Prunier
    • Pouring paste onto lining for Prunier
    • Smoothing paste on Prunier lining
    • Lifting Prunier onto lining
    • Prunier on lining table
    • Prunier on lining table 2
    • Flat Prunier on lining table
    • Corine inpainting Prunier 3
    • Prunier before and after treatment images

The private collector who brought the poster to CCAHA first saw it hanging in the Samson Street Oyster House in Philadelphia -- but it originally served as an advertisement for Restaurant Prunier, a renowned Parisian seafood restaurant.

Thursday July 29 2010

Treatment Focus: Discovering Wind Cave

    • Book Conservator Theresa Cho filling losses

CCAHA conservators recently completed treatment on a diary documenting the first systematic explorations of Wind Cave (Hot Springs, South Dakota) in 1891.  Click here to read our July FOCUS on the diary and its author and treatment.

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