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Thursday August 25 2016

CCAHA in the News: The Jewish Exponent's "Rosenbach Celebrates Restored 15th-Century Chumash"

The Jewish Exponent, a publication covering the Jewish experience in Philadelphia, recently published an article about our treatment of the Rosenbach Museum & Library's 1482 Bologna Pentateuch. 

Friday July 1 2016

Treatment FOCUS: Rebinding a Rare Pentateuch

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    • May June 2016 Pentateuch FOCUS 2
    • May June 2016 Pentateuch FOCUS 1
    • May June 2016 Pentateuch FOCUS 3
    • May June 2016 Pentateuch FOCUS 4
    • May June 2016 Pentateuch FOCUS 5
    • May June 2016 Pentateuch FOCUS 6

When the Rosenbach Museum & Library brought a rare 15th-century manuscript to CCAHA for a new binding, CCAHA Book Conservator Richard Homer worked to design a cover that may approximate the volume's original appearance. 

Friday April 29 2016

Treatment FOCUS: Four Large Knoll Posters

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    • March April 2016 FOCUS 1
    • March April 2016 FOCUS 6
    • March April 2016 FOCUS 5
    • March April 2016 FOCUS 4
    • March April 2016 FOCUS 3
    • March April 2016 FOCUS 2

In 1972, the Louvre installed a show commemorating the 25th anniversary the Knoll design firm. Over 40 years later, Knoll, Inc. brought four of the large posters that advertised the exhibition to CCAHA for treatment.

Thursday March 17 2016

CCAHA Partners with Preservation and Arts Organizations on Performing Arts Emergency Preparedness Initiative

    • 2016 LYRASIS Mellon Partner Organization Logos

The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation recently awarded a grant of $50,000 to LYRASIS to facilitate planning with CCAHA and seven other partner organizations to design a program to build capacity and improve emergency preparedness within performing arts organizations.

Tuesday March 1 2016

Treatment FOCUS: Amos Ashanti Johnson Pastels

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    • January-February 2016 FOCUS UDel Ashanti Johnson Pastels 5
    • January-February 2016 FOCUS UDel Ashanti Johnson Pastels 3
    • January-February 2016 FOCUS UDel Ashanti Johnson Pastels 2

When two large pastels from the University of Delaware Museums came to CCAHA, conservators had to balance improving their aesthetic appearance and overall stability while minimizing risk.

Tuesday January 5 2016

Upcoming CCAHA Conservator Presentations

    • Brook Barb Remy

Three CCAHA conservators have recently been selected to present at national and international conferences. 

Tuesday December 29 2015

Treatment FOCUS: A Signed Freud Photograph

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    • November-December 2015 FOCUS Freud Photograph 1
    • November-December 2015 FOCUS Freud Photograph 2
    • November-December 2015 FOCUS Freud Photograph 3
    • November-December 2015 FOCUS

We recently treated a signed copy of the most famous portrait of Sigmund Freud. 

Friday October 30 2015

Treatment FOCUS: A Unique 17th-Century Bindery

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    • September-October 2015 FOCUS 1
    • September-October 2015 FOCUS 2
    • September-October 2015 FOCUS 3

We recently treated a 17th-century Book of Common Prayer bound by a unique community.

Tuesday September 22 2015

The Next Chapter: Rare Books in Modern Times | Q&A with Christine Nelson

    • Rare Books Christine Nelson Interview

On October 27 and 28, CCAHA is presenting The Next Chapter: Rare Books in Modern Times at New York City's Center for Jewish History. One of our speakers will be Christine Nelson, who is the Drue Heinz Curator of Literary and Historical Manuscripts at the Morgan Library & Museum. We sat down with Christine to discuss the upcoming conference. 

Thursday August 27 2015

Treatment FOCUS: Feliks Topolski's Wartime Sketches

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    • July/August 2015 FOCUS 2
    • July/August 2015 FOCUS 1
    • July/August 2015 FOCUS 3

Feliks Topolski is remembered as a talented draughtsman, muralist, and chronicler. From 1940-1945, he served as Official War Artist for Great Britain. Some sketches from that time recently came to CCAHA for treatment.