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Imaging Services 

Our Imaging Services department creates facsimiles and high quality digital images for clients. Assisted by Conservation Technicians, our Manager of Digital Imaging also photographs the condition of each object before and after treatment. 

  • Manager of Digital Imaging Andy Pinkham at the viewing hood

Andrew Pinkham

Manager of Digital Imaging

Andrew Pinkham is responsible for providing support to the conservation laboratory through creating and managing critical conservation photographic documentation. This position assists with photography for marketing efforts, works with clients to provide digital images for access and promotion activities, and creates facsimiles.

Prior to joining CCAHA's staff, Andy was a commercial photographer. His work has appeared in numerous exhibitions in the Philadelphia area, most recently at the Philadelphia Art Alliance, Paradigm Gallery, and Gravy.

Andy holds an Associate's Degree in Communications from Dean College and an Associate's Degree in Photography from Antonelli Institute.