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Fayetteville State University

Project Overview
As the first publicly funded school for African Americans in the state of North Carolina, Fayetteville State University is home to a collection rich with historic photographs, scrapbooks, books and other materials that document the period from the Era of Reconstruction through the Civil Rights Movement. This grant provided FSU’s Charles Waddell Chestnutt Library with the opportunity to preserve the photographic history of the University through the stabilization, conservation and re-housing of historic scrapbooks, slides and photographs.

All in-house projects identified in the grant were completed on or before schedule. In order to accomplish all projected goals, staff members at Fayetteville State University recruited, hired and trained new staff; scrapbooks were stabilized and re-housed in appropriate enclosures. The Rudolph Jones Scrapbooks were filmed and digitized by the Backstage Library Works. Staff members attended a workshop on Caring for Scrapbooks. A preservation needs assessment was completed on the photograph collection, in which over 3,000 photographs were identified, placed in archival-quality enclosures and then photo storage boxes. A light meter was purchased to monitor light levels in storage areas along with UV filter sleeves to block the ultra-violet radiation emitted by fluorescent lights. The Special Collections and Archives continue to monitor the environmental conditions in the department which continue to remain within the newly established parameters.
Special Thanks
Thank you so very much to The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation, The Art Conservation Department of the University of Delaware and LYRASIS in partnership with the HBCU Library Alliance and the Conservation Center for Art and Historic Artifacts (CCAHA) in awarding us the grant funds to make these needed conservation and preservation efforts possible.
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    • Fayetteville 4
    • One of the many scrapbooks from past president, Dr. Rudolph Jones (1956-1969) that have been identified for conservation and preservation. This one shows Dr. Jones, other faculty, administrators and students at Fayetteville State College in the 1960’s.

    • Fayetteville 4
    • A photograph of E. E. (Ezekiel Ezra) Smith, whose tenure at Fayetteville State University spanned over 40 non-consecutive years starting in 1883 and ending at his retirement in 1933 at the age of 80. The format is a sphereotype using an albumen photograph with a gelatin emulsion.

    • Fayetteville 2
    • One of the photograph albums from the Charles W. Chesnutt Family collection showing his sisters Anne and Sara on the left and pictures of their father’s (Andrew. Jackson. Chesnutt) home and their home on Gillespie Street.

    • Fayetteville 1
    • Folders filled with historic photographs documenting the early history of Fayetteville State University from the Howard School,1867 through Fayetteville State College, 1969.