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Fisk University

Project Overview
Fisk University houses an ever-expanding and diverse collection of African-American history, including more than 10,000 photographs.  This grant aided in the cleaning and rehousing of photographs which portray Fisk buildings, Jubilee Singers and Fisk class photos; the flattening and proper storing of WWI panoramas; the stabilization and treatment of at-risk photographic materials; and the expansion of access for university researchers.  The overall goal of this project was to stabilize and treat many of the at-risk photographic materials in the Fisk University Special Collections and Archives, and ensure that they will be available for future generations.
Fisk University staff, students and student volunteers from Watkins College diligently worked to accomplish all of their proposed goals.  In November 2008, the staff hosted a photo preservation workshop for Tennessee State and Fisk Universities.  They converted a room in the library into a photo preservation work area and purchased flat file cabinets for the archives.  Humidification, flattening and rehousing of WWI panoramas is complete.  Fisk preserved more than 1300 photographs from the Fisk Jubilee Singers Collection, class photographs, campus buildings, and other historically important images from the archival and manuscript collections.
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    • Fisk 4
    • A deteriorating graduating class photograph selected for preservation.

    • Fisk photo 1
    • Fisk and Tennessee State workshop participants prepare to learn photographic preservation techniques.

    • Fisk photo 3
    • Workshop leader Barbara Lemmen (CCAHA) and attendees examine expectantly the outcome of their recently learned preservation procedure.

    • Fisk photo 2
    • Rolled for many years, this WWI panorama is safely flattened in the humidification chamber built on-site at Fisk.