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Hampton University

Project Overview
Hampton University is the repository for more than 50,000 photographic materials which document the rich history of the University as well as the history of education for African American and American Indians after the Civil War. This grant provided for the preservation of the Reuben B. Burrell photographic collection, the rehousing of glass plate negatives, the conservation of two 19th century photographic booklets, the reformatting of 20th century 16mm film, and the rehousing of a collection of Desert Storm photographs. 
In order to accomplish their goals, the staff members at Hampton University recruited, hired, and trained new staff for this project. Supplies and a cold storage unit were purchased. A darkroom funded by the Hampton University was completed in order to aid in the identification and labeling of negatives from the Reuben B. Burrell photographic collection. The collection was indexed and transferred from the Stone Building to the Museum; flat files were rehoused; five reels of 16mm film were treated; and the collection of glass plate negatives were rehoused. A generous grant was secured to exhibit photographs from the Burrell Collection in February.
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    • Hampton, take 2, 4
    • Rueben Burrell, University Photographer, working with negatives for identification.

    • hampton, take 2, 2
    • Sarah-Ann Leverette, student worker, rehousing and filing photographs in sleeves.

    • Hampton U. Photo 2
    • A page from Illustrations for Poems of Cabin & Field, Paul Laurence Dunbar

    • Hampton take 2, 1
    • Brenda Carpenter, Office Manager of the University Museum, testing the preservation environment monitor.

    • Hampton, take 2, 3
    • Mr. Burrell views photographs for identification with Mary Young, a volunteer for the Burrell Project.

    • Hampton U. Photo 7
    • A platinum print of a butcher class.

    • Hampton, Take 2, 5
    • Vanessa Thaxton-Ward, Curator of the Museum, assists Mr. Burrell in identifying negatives. 

    • Hampton, Take 2, 6
    • Donzella Maupin, Manager of Archives, oversees the rehousing of the University Archives collection into new archival boxes.   

    • Hampton, Take 2, 6
    • Vernon Courtney, Director of the Museum & Archives, working on documentation for the Burrell Project.