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Lincoln University

Project Overview
Lincoln University Archives, located within the Ethnic Studies Center, is comprised of items related to campus life and history of the university with an emphasis on the African-American culture on which it was founded.  Materials include rare books, signed books by famous African-American authors, documents and ephemera, and approximately 8,000 photographic materials.  The goal of this project and the purpose of this grant was to preserve the historic photographs of Lincoln University and allowing its students the opportunity to assist in furthering their education by participating in this venture.
Lincoln University hired a project manager and interns to complete the project. In addition, four students of Lincoln University, Gerald Bascoe, Kemar Lewis, Steven Mwase and Maggie Schulte, were employed to assist in completing the task. Part of the mission of this project was to offer student the opportunity to utilize archival and preservation techniques and procedures, thus expanding their possible career choices and providing financial support for their education. They categorized the photographs by collection and condition using Past Perfect.  7,500 photographs were labeled and rehoused with archival protective sleeves.  Approximately 400 images were digitally scanned.  All conservation work for at-risk photographs was completed by conservation students at the Missouri State Archives.
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    • Lincoln U. photo 1
    • Lincoln University librarian Mrs. Elizabeth Briscoe-Wilson explains to visitors the function of the University Archives vault

    • Lincoln U. photo 6
    • The vault of the Lincoln University Archives is where some of the history of the university is kept.  This is where the processed images will be stored in a climate controlled environment.

    • Lincoln Photo 4
    • Two alums of Lincoln U. work on sleeving and numbering pictures in the HBCU Photo Preservation project.  Ithaca Bryant works in the Archives and Gerald Bascoe is a graduate student of Lincoln.

    • Lincoln U. Photo 2
    • One fo the duties of Lincoln's student workers on the HBCU Photo Preservation project was to correctly store thousands of (previously incorrectly stored) negatives and images.

    • Lincoln U. Photo 3
    • Sara Bisi, a student assistant from the Buffalo State Conservation program, looking at some of the many pages of slides housed in the University Archives vault .

    • Lincoln Photo 5
    • Images like these are processed by HBCU Photo Preservation staff and student workers and are an integral part of preserving Lincoln University's proud heritage