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Regional Heritage Stewardship Program

CCAHA has launched a regional stewardship program with funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH). The Stewardship Program will include in-person workshops, webinars, preservation needs assessments, and a final conference intended to foster networking, resource sharing, and sustainability. 

The initiative will serve two regions: Appalachian Kentucky, Ohio, and West Virginia and Alabama, Mississippi, and the Florida Panhandle.

With a goal of creating working communities of practice among small organizations facing related challenges, this program offers a unique opportunity to increase collections care in individual institutions, as well as to meet and network with other collections care professionals in each region.

Planned events in each region include:
  • in-person workshops from June 2017 through summer 2018 featuring topics such as preservation best practices, grant writing, artifact handling, preservation planning, and emergency planning
  • webinars featuring topics such as essential policies and procedures, selecting appropriate housing materials, and advocacy training (view previous webinars here)
  • grant opportunities for institutions to receive a CCAHA Preservation Needs Assessment
  • final conference to be held in fall of 2018
Preservation Needs Assessment Grant Opportunity

We are seeking applicants for our RHSP Preservation Needs Assessment Program. Through funding from the National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH), CCAHA is able to offer a limited number of completely subsidized preservation needs assessments (valued at over $5,500).  

A preservation needs assessment is a key first step in the process of caring for collections. In addition to pinpointing areas of concern, the preservation needs assessment is widely recognized as a valuable tool in fundraising. Many funders strongly recommend that potential applicants cite the findings of these assessments within their grant applications for conservation and preservation projects.


Eligible institutions will: 

  • be located in AL, MS, the FL Panhandle, or the Appalachian regions of KY, OH, and WV
  • be related to the humanities
  • be available to the public on a regularly scheduled basis
  • have national or regional significance

The institution should demonstrate a strong commitment to collections care. Federal institutions are not eligible.

Click here to download the application. 
Applications must be emailed or postmarked by Friday, September 29, 2017. 
View previous webinars here.
For information on upcoming programming, visit the CCAHA Program Calendar.
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This program supports the American Association for State and Local History’s StEPs workbook content for the section on stewardship of collections.