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Looking for guidance? Click the links at the left for specific preservation resources.

General Preservation
  • Short fact sheets for staff in collecting institutions or others involved in collections care activities.
  • Tips for handling, moving, and storing your objects.
Disaster and Emergency Resources
  • Technical bulletins covering disaster preparedness, recovery procedures, and hazardous situations.
Resources for Paper Preservation
  • Guidelines for the preservation of paper artifacts.
Resources for Photograph Preservation
  • Guidelines for the preservation of photographs.
Resources for Book Preservation
  • Guidelines for the preservation of books.
AV Media Preservation Videos
  • Seven short films on the preservation of AV media.
Consultant & Specialist Database
  • A list of consultants, specialists, and vendors who assist institutions in all areas of collections care-related activities.
Collections Advocacy Toolkit
  • Advocacy advice for those working at collecting institutions.
Preservation Bibliography
  • Full text reports and documents answering common collections care concerns for museums, libraries, and archives.
Related Websites
  • A selection of general conservation references and resources.