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Featured in the Summer 2016 issue of Art-i-facts:

Researching Ungilded Daguerreotype Treatment discusses Photograph Conservator Rachel Wetzel's groundbreaking research into treatment methods for fragile daguerreotypes and the life of pioneering photographer Robert Cornelius.

The Fellowship Year at CCAHA highlights CCAHA’s legacy of training the next generation of conservators through grant-funded fellowship programs.

High Watermarks lists noteworthy blogs written by conservation and collections care professionals.

Senior Paper Conservator & Preservation Specialist Jessica Silverman discusses her eight years at CCAHA in Questions for Jessica

Read the entire issue here.


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Ingrid Bogel, Executive Director

Jungohk (Theresa) Cho, Senior Book Conservator

Jim Hinz, Head of the Book Section

Dyani Feige, Preservation Specialist

Richard Homer, Book Conservator

Anna C. Yates Krain, Senior Conservation Assistant

Barbara Lemmen, Photograph Conservator

Katherine Magaziner, Marketing & Communications Manager

Mary Anne Manherz, Director of Administration and Operations

Corine Norman McHugh, Paper Conservator

Lee Price, Director of Development

Mary Schobert, Senior Paper and Photograph Conservator

Samantha Sheesley, Conservator

Jessica Silverman, Senior Paper Conservator & Preservation Consultant

Laura Hortz Stanton, as Executive Director

Laura Hortz Stanton, as Director of Preservation Services

Rachel Wetzel, Photograph Conservator

Jilliann Wilcox, Senior Conservation Assistant