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Preservation Resources

CCAHA's Preservation Resources provide information on a range of preservation topics from assessing priorities, to preparing collections for moving, to emergency preparedness.  Below you'll find short fact sheets targeted to staff in collecting institutions or others who are involved in collections care activities.  Click the link to view or download the PDF.

Resources for Preventive Conservation
Collections Housekeeping Guide
Collections Preservation: The Ideal Process
Datalogger Quick Comparison Chart
Environmental Monitoring (color)
Environmental Monitoring (black/white)
General Preservation and Conservation Glossary
Light Exposure of Artifacts on Exhibition
Managing a Mold Invasion: Guidelines for Disaster Response
Mold & Cultural Heritage Collections
New Opportunities in Social Media
Paper Conservation Terminology
Photocopying Guidelines
Photograph Conservation Terminology
Preservation Planning
Preventive Conservation for Artists
Preventive Conservation Primer
Selecting Storage Materials
Treatment Priority Categories
Winterizing Historic Buildings