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“Housing” is anything that holds an object, whether it’s the folder you slip your photographs into or the massive frame hanging on the wall.

We combine state-of-the-art housing technology with framing options catered to your needs.  

In the conservation laboratory, we follow all new scholarship on cutting-edge housing techniques and materials. This means we can provide museum-quality archival housing informed by the latest research, creating the safest environment for your objects.

CCAHA’s services are also fully-customizable. Our clients have a variety of housing and framing needs, from acid-free folders for private storage to museum-ready frames with our unique sealed packaging. We’ll work with you to determine what is best for you and your objects.

Our Services

  • We incorporate only the highest-quality archival materials, such as 100% ragboard mounts, Japanese paper hinges, wheat starch paste, and acid-free backing materials.
  • Frames are available in wood and metal and in a variety of finishes, including traditional gold leaf, metal leaf, and wood stains to match exhibition cases or home interiors.
Storage Housing
  • Archival boxes and folders, rolled storage, encapsulation, and storage portfolios protect and properly support items while they are not on display.

CCAHA's Sealed Package

  • Sealed Package Diagram

Along with standard housing and framing options, we also offer our innovative "sealed package." In a sealed package, the matted work, backing materials, and glazing—the glass or acrylic that secures the work within the frame—are all joined together as a single unit. The assembled materials are sealed on the package back and edges with a polyethylene/nylon/foil laminate film. This provides a safe environment for your object, protecting it from changing humidity, dust, and pests. The sealed package can be used for storage or can be tucked into a frame. 

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    • Scroll box
    • Archival storage box for a scroll

    • Float mount
    • A Rembrandt von Rijn etching float mounted into a 100% ragboard window mat (private collection)

    • Float mount detail
    • Close-up of float mount

    • Framed parchment
    • Parchment document attached into a deep sink window mat, a sealed package, and a new frame (private collection)

    • Framed photograph
    • Portrait of Indian Royal Family (c. 1890) fastened into a window mat, sealed package, and a new frame (private collection)

    • Framed photograph 2
    • An 1885 albumen photograph fastened into a window mat, sealed package, and a new frame (private collection)

    • Sealed package detail
    • Close-up of sealed package corner

    • Fan box
    • Archival storage box for a fan (Landis Valley Village & Farm Museum, Lancaster, PA)

    • Oversize rolled storage
    • Oversize rolled storage