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The first step in the treatment process, when your artifact comes to CCAHA, is the accession.
If you bring the artifact in person, a conservator will meet with you to discuss the artifact and its importance to you, any damage it may have suffered, and your goals for conservation treatment. The conservator will tell you about the conservation treatment, imaging, and housing or framing options available for your artifact, and may be able to give you a rough estimate for the cost of treatment.
You’ll also discuss the insurance options that are available to cover your artifact while it is in our care. All of this information will be recorded on an incoming receipt. If you decide to leave the artifact with us for further examination and a condition report, you will take a copy of the incoming receipt with you. 
Prior to bringing your artifact to CCAHA for treatment, you may call or email to discuss it with a conservator. Photographs of your artifact are often helpful in aiding the discussion. However, because artifacts must be handled and examined before their needs can be fully understood, we cannot provide treatment estimates before seeing a work in person. We encourage you to pack it carefully and ship it with a reputable fine-art handler or shipping agency. We can provide advice on packing and shipping  your artifact safely. 
After artifacts arrive at CCAHA, they are stored in our environmentally controlled, secure storage vault, which has its own fire-suppression systems.