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After your artifact is accessioned, a conservator examines it thoroughly and describes any deterioration or damage in a written Condition Report.

This document provides a detailed statement of the condition of the artifact before conservation treatment, and outlines recommended treatment steps necessary to repair it. Similar items may be grouped in one condition report. Depending on your budget and your goals for treatment, imaging, or housing, the treatment proposal may include multiple options. 

The conservator who examines your artifact also estimates the time required to complete each step of the treatment proposal and uses that information to generate a treatment estimate. The estimated price range for each treatment option is recorded in a Treatment Agreement. To approve of the treatment outlined in the Condition Report, you must sign and initial the Treatment Agreement and pay a deposit. 
Generally, our clients receive a Condition Report and Treatment Agreement within 6 weeks of leaving their artifacts at CCAHA. Together, the two documents form the basis for any conservation treatment that CCAHA performs. Condition Reports usually cost $125, and it must be completed and approved before work can begin. We also require a deposit.
Once the necessary documents are approved and signed, your artifacts are ready for before-treatment photography.