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Clients usually bring their objects to CCAHA in person.

But what happens if you're too far to travel to us? Our Registrar answers some frequently asked questions below. 

Can I send my framed piece?

We suggest you remove artworks from frames before sending them to us. If your artwork is attached to any part of your frame in a way that needs conservation treatment to remove, please call us to confer before sending.

How should I pack this glass piece?

Please do not send us any glass in the mail. If you absolutely must send us flat glass, please call or e-mail to discuss packing tips. Never send bubble glass in the mail.

How do I pack a flat drawing/watercolor?

First, wrap the piece in some glassine, tissue paper, or plain white paper. Then use paper corners to attach it to a piece of cardboard, foamcore, or hexamount. Sandwich the piece with another board on top. Wrap all of this in bubble wrap or craft paper and sandwich it between more boards. Put the whole package into a box and stuff it out with any extra padding or packing material.

Can I send you rolled pieces?

Yes! Especially if your item is already rolled, this is recommended.

How should I pack books?

Wrap the book first in some craft paper or another thick paper that is available. Do not use newspaper. Then, wrap the book in a layer of bubble wrap and put it inside of a box that has been stuffed with packing materials. If you have multiple books, make sure there is a full layer of packing materials on the bottom of your box before you stack the individually bubble-wrapped books in the center. Then pad out the sides and top of the box with more packing material and seal shut.

I don’t have packing materials / I don’t want to mess it up / I don’t have time to pack this; what should I do?

We are always available to help determine the best shipping method for your piece. Please contact our Registrar for advice.